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Go for a Hike!

There are thousands of miles of trails in California that offer exceptional opportunities for hiking and exploring this great landscape.  Whether close to home or further away, a hike can take you to a place you’ve never seen by the power of your own two feet.  Hikes in California range from short and easy to long and strenuous, but all offer a chance to get outside and see something new.  From national parks like Yosemite and Sequoia-Kings Canyon, to state and county parks there are miles of forests, grasslands, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls to explore close to the Central Valley.  For some recommendations, go here.

With a little planning, going for a hike is a simple walk in a wild place.

Plan your trip – Looking for a lake? A waterfall? A stunning view?  Check out your options and choose a place to go.  You can find maps and trail suggestions here for wilderness, state and local parks, and National Forest.

Pack your bag – You’ll need to pack your bag based on type of hike you’re taking and the weather in the area.

  • Appropriate Clothes: Be sure to bring layers of clothing that can be put on or taken off depending on the temperature.  You can warm up quickly climbing a steep trail, but a little wind at the top of a peak can get cold fast.
  • Hat: A beanie can help keep you warm on a cold day.
  • Rain Gear: It’s also a good idea to bring a lightweight rain jacket in case of an unexpected shower.
  • Map
  • Water: One to two liters of water will keep you hydrated and happy.
  • Snacks: Depending on the length of your hike, you may want to bring a full lunch, but definitely bring plenty of healthy snacks like nuts and fruit to keep you going.  Chocolate is always a welcome treat along the trail.

Lace up your Shoes: A comfortable pair of shoes makes a big difference.  Wear a pair of sturdy sneakers or hiking boots if you have them.  Something with rubber soles and enough support to walk in them for a few hours will save you from the pain of blisters and other hassles.

Hit the Trail: Have fun!