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Poem | I’m An Eagle


I’m An Eagle
By Ana Hernandez

Flying away from my family
Doesn’t break me
It makes me stronger
Leaving mom in the heat of Tijuana
Two beautiful little sisters
Saddens me but gives me strength
I know they’ll be okay
The man up there will protect them

I’m an eagle
Always learning how to be patient
Looking for the best
For the people I love

Fighting and never afraid
Always strong and brave
I’m an eagle

Younger siblings depend on me
One playing video games
The other playing Buzz Light Year
The little ones need a model
Someone who teaches them how to fly

My parents can get tired sometimes
Step-mom and Dad always working
Dad laboring in a market
Smelling like onions when he comes home
Doesn’t have time to protect us all the time
But we are strong
I’ve taught the chicks to be eagles

I’m an eagle
Always showing the young ones
How to be brave, to listen
To be responsible and to be strong

Courageous, Courageous like an eagle
Lack of funds and oppressive people
Can’t hold me back from reaching my goals
Working will be hard but I know I can do it
People will be jealous and rude
But I know I can face them

I’m an eagle
Fighting for what I want
The only chance of going to college
Depends on me

Flying from one place to another
From Mexico to U.S.
Moving from green to smoggy
Moving from light to dark
My nest changed
But I’m still the same eagle

Missing my mom and my sisters
Trying to get them a better life
Trying to make them proud
Sacrificing myself
Because that’s how I have to be
I’m an eagle

Doing what I think is right
My head, always up
Looking at the horizon
Searching for my dreams

Never forgetting who I am
Never forgetting where I’m from
Helpful to my family
Caring for the people I love
Aggressive when I want something
Patient to my little siblings
Strong in my beliefs
Proud of being Mexican
Intelligent, brave, fearless and courageous
I’m an eagle.


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