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Poem | Something Right


Something Right
By Boa Huynh

I couldn’t sleep
My eyes were closed and I still was thinking
The wind mixed with the storm in my mind
Dangerous, it blew everything

I felt uncomfortable and useless
I made mistakes and bad situation worse
I felt tired and terrible
Like snow melting to a flood

I always asked how to survive
How to support challenges and accept hurt
‘Cause I knew I was weak
Inside and outside
Always in a safe place
In my family circle

I felt my life had no way
It was a freeway
Turn left, turn right, go straight
Never had a stop light
I was lost in the forest with no compass

I faced my opponents
Gangsters intimidating with knives
Teachers hitting us everywhere
I was scared and afraid
My body was trembling
I had no way out
I faced the trail
Couldn’t see the top
Where the sky and mountain meet.
I faced life
My family and I against the world
No food to eat
No money for school.

Time to change!

I believed in my strengths
Only one way to move forward
I am part of nature:
A big tree,
Standing tall and defending my ground.
A waterfall,
Stopped by nothing
The sky,
Changing everyday
Every morning starts a new day
Fix problems that you made yesterday
Finish work that you’re not done with yet
A lupine flower blooms
It is a chance to learn new things
Improve yourself day by day

There’s no reason to be afraid.
Live for family, friends and me
I’m on the right track, like a trail
Leading to the top of the mountain
And I know, I’m doing something right.


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