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Poem | Making My Dreams Come True


Making My Dreams Come True
By Benjamin Meza

I am an Aspen Tree
Growing quickly and extending my roots.

We always lived in a united world
Where our roots were connected.
All slept in a small room
I shared a bunk bed with my brother Salvador,
And my dad and my mom shared a queen bed.
We had a leaky red clay tile roof
That always smelled damp,
Like dirt after the rain.

Then our roots got strained.
My dad packed his bag with some shirts and pants.
He took an apple and an orange,
Put them in his pocket, said goodbye and left to go work in the U.S.
That was the moment where the sadness started,
Where all my leaves turned gray.

I used to face the same challenge everyday
Being away from my dad.
I heard the wind sing the song “como mi papa”,
It taught me to stay positive.
No matter what the problem was
I had to extend my roots.
I patiently waited for my dream to come true,
And felt happy that one day we were going to be together.

My leaves changed into a new color
They turned green meaning new life.
My dad reached his branches out to me
No matter how bad the weather was
I knew he would be there to support me.

Reunited with my father
The weather started to change
Into a new sunny day
All I needed was to be positive.

Now we live like a strong family.
My family is all around me.
Hearing my dad say that he feels proud of me
I know that he wants the best for me.
We’re both looking for a better future.
I will try to attend college and make our dream come true.

No matter how far apart we will be when I’m in college
Our roots will be strongly connected.
Graduating will not be the end.
We will both work to make a big ranch
Surrounded by animals and nature.
A place of happiness for new aspen tress to grow
And for new dreams to come true..


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