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Poem | I am an Ant


I Am An Ant
By Brenda Cardoza

Ants are small and tough,
Intelligent and hardworking just like me.
No matter the challenge,
I know I will persevere.

I have struggled in the past,
Taking care of my little brother, changing him, feeding him,
With no one to help me.
Moving from Firebaugh to Oroloma and to Dos Palos High School was also difficult.
From the excitement of the city,
I was bored in the country and facing racism at school.
I felt trapped and lonely,
But I have persevered.

Whether it’s physically or mentally,
Nothing can prohibit me.
Always working hard, as an ant does,
Overcoming obstacles everyday, pushing myself to do my best.
My bother thinks he is the king ant, while I feel like a slave ant,
Cleaning the house with no one to help me.

Always dreaming of succeeding at school so I can thrive,
Become a doctor, and have a great future;
If I accomplish this I would like travel the world.
I am always dreaming of traveling to remarkable places,
Especially to France, Italy, and China that have their own special features.
I dream of smelling the garlic bread in Italy,
Seeing the Eiffel tower in France,
Eating Chinese food in China.
I know I can accomplish this dream!
Just as an ant is hardworking at overcoming obstacles,
I will also persevere!

I can accomplish this dream if I keep studying hard
Believing in myself and trusting others
I have the ability to pass the test
Like I have climbed up the challenging rock wall
I am an adventurous ant who can accomplish anything..


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