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Poem | I am a River


I Am A River
By Jiajia Yu

Summer is coming
River moves strongly, majestically,
Oh! Life in China
Busy life, never stopping.

Wake up in the morning
Ride my bike to school, study until afternoon.
Research science project, analyze poems, prepare for quiz,
Cooking and cleaning in the evening.

Autumn is coming
River moves quietly, patiently,
I am walking on the street in San Francisco by myself
I curiously pace up and down.

Barbecue fish and milk tea “NaiCha”
Tastes like hometown,
Watery soup and hamburgers
Tastes like this new city.

I used to flow through crowded rocks
But now they look sparse,
I used to meet the same kind of rocks,
But now some look black, brown and white.

Winter is coming
Nature sleeps; river freezes into ice,
I am learning English on my own
Preparing for my future.

Construction sounds in China, always building
Peaceful park near my house,
Trees silent like nature in San Francisco
Cheering fans at the baseball game.

Spring is coming
Nature awakens; ice melts into bubbling water,
I am flowing with my adopted home
Oh! New life!

I am traveling in San Francisco with my friends
Communicating with them genuinely in a fresh way.
Laughing with them joyfully,
Laughing with my exciting life!
I hope I can continue to flow in the US
Achieving my dream to teach children
Providing water to little plants, rocks and animals
Sharing my life experiences with them!.


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