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Poem | Changing Cloud


Changing Cloud
by Yessenia Holguin

I’m a cloud that moves gently and slowly
Hurtful arguments I hate
Peaceful words I love

Problems with my family transform me
From a fluffy white cloud
Sweet, pretty and loving
To a thunder storm
Dark, nasty and crying

Getting hurt over and over
Hot summer days in the afternoon
My brother’s voice on the phone
Words destroy me like harsh winds
And leave me depressed, lost in a dark fog
Saving feelings inside, not letting them out
Then throwing hail and lightning bolts,
Not caring what people think

Being kind to all races
Without prejudice
Loving all religions
Just like a cloud that provides shade without discrimination

I’m a cloud that is looked up to
For her intelligence and ambition
Wanting to get a degree in criminal justice
Family, friends and people admire me for
My bravery, strength and courage

A degree is what I want to achieve
I’m the cloud that needs help with her dreams
People see what they want to see in the forms
I make and shapes I take
My shape is one of success

Attaining a life of beauty with happiness
A secure future is my dream
With a job that challenges me to brighten the sky

Drifting to the tallest peak
Refusing to evaporate even if it’s stormy
Enjoying new adventures even if they are hard
I am a cloud who brightens the sky


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