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Poem | Breaking Through


Breaking Through
By Huy Dao

I am a Great Grey owl
My strength
It stands for intelligence
It is hard to see me
Because I’m quiet
I dig deep into lessons
To solve problems.

Lives in me
Sharing moments with my family
And seeing their smiles
My family came here
With nothing in their hands
But I believe we will navigate through the night.

The time came
To separate me from Viet Nam
I packed my nest to fly away
To look for a better chance
Like an owl adapted
For a new warm season.
My future will fly despite the dark

My parents’ sacrifice
To take care of me
They work to grow the family
They gave up
For me to step up.
I try to live worthy
Of their sacrifice
Always work hard for a brighter future

With wisdom
An owl can see through the dark
And catch food to survive
I can hear everything
I listen to improve myself

I chase after what I want
A nice peaceful place
Where I can take care of my family
Teaching, passing all valuable things
For the next future
So they don’t get lost
And everything will get through the dark.
I am a Great Grey Owl..


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