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Poem | Bighorn Sheep


Bighorn Sheep
By Xiong Vue

I’m am a very curious Bighorn sheep
And like to experience new things,
Bighorn sheep wanders the hot,
Dry, wet, rocky, and steep hills,
Surviving in the wilderness
Can be very hard.
My parents have worked hard,
Traveling thousands of miles
To give me and my brother shelter and food
I’m always there to help them
A Bighorn sheep is what I am

When my parents are out,
I had to look out for my little brother,
The sky is dangerous and very harmful
Don’t really know when it’s
Going to be raining, cloudy, sunny, or thundering
A Bighorn Sheep is what I am

Some Bighorn sheep are very protective,
Protecting themselves from predators,
And protecting everyone in the Herd
As a Bighorn sheep I choose very wisely,
To work in the fields and save money to help
Out in the family

Bighorns are powerful
At running up steep hills,
I never give up and
I help them never give up also,
The herd is always there for me,
Encouraging me to reach higher,
To go beyond their expectations,
A Bighorn sheep is what I am

I’m intelligent and like to work hard,
Able to do things that I never have done before,
My dad encourage me to hunt for food
When I don’t even know that if I can do it
With their hard work they have done
Choosing a safe area for the Herd to eat,
And not be eaten; also just keep moving forward,
A Bighorn sheep is what I am

To help the Herd patiently
And keep them together,
The pressure that I feel is
To do good in school,
And finish the chores at home
My lungs don’t stop me
From going to a higher altitude.
That I have strength to protect me,
But also my family is very important for me.
I have to keep them alive
Away from all the trouble.

My herd is from different mountains
And here the culture is different
Tigers or lions bullying and name-calling
I keep going and keep climbing
A better future is to start college in California
Find a good job
Support the family
Take the herd to the highest altitude
Have fresh air and a good view
I am positive, brave and very strong
A Bighorn sheep is what I am


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