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Poem | Becoming Marcela Porterella


Becoming Marcela Porterella
By Marcela Avina

Gently blowing in the wind
In a meadow vast and free
With different grasses surrounding me
Withstanding the elements
Just like a wall
Feeling strong enough to face it all

Just when I thought I can take the heat
I’m suddenly crushed by Tragedy’s feet
Losing my loved ones to natural disasters
Karina, Margarita
And the rest on my mind
Just going through phases life left me to find
Superfluous sympathy is showered on me
While experiencing fire and ice
I want to accept the help I receive
But none of it would suffice.

Haunted by memories
Memories that never cease to exist
I’m lonely and charred
My heart is dark
My mind is scarred

Grief-stricken by all of this turmoil
Struck to the ground
So I only breathe soil
Fallen once more
Flat on the ground
But rising again without making a sound

Others have problems
Other Porterella lay dying
I witness my friends
Uncontrollably crying
I put my issues away
Just to brighten their day
I stretch out my roots
While forcing a smile
Just to sit by their side
And console for a while
I embrace them sincerely
I reach out my hand
I remind them all
That together we stand.

So let’s become Porterella
Let’s claim our ground
Let us rejoice
When the wind comes around
Let our stems grow stronger
Our minds more profound
Then let us explore
The courage we’ve found..


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