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Connecting Youth To The Outdoors

Programs of Interest

Adventure to Leadership: Adventure Risk Challenge, building leadership, literacy and outdoor skills, preparing youth for college and beyond.  

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UC Merced's Yosemite Youth Leadership Program is a 2-year program focused on giving UC Merced students, regardless of major or previous outdoor experience, the skills to lead, advocate for the environment, make informed ethical decisions and create social change.

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WildLink will inspire you to develop lasting connections to wild places through wilderness experiences and community stewardship.

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Get Into Outside

Poem | Bighorn Sheep

Posted in Poem, Stories

Bighorn Sheep By Xiong Vue I’m am a very curious Bighorn sheep And like to...

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Mitch De Leon, Yosemite Conservancy

Posted in Stories, YLP

YLP Intern I am Mitchelle De Leon. I attended UC Merced from the fall semester...

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Poem | Something Right

Posted in Poem, Stories

Something Right By Boa Huynh I couldn’t sleep My eyes were closed and I still...

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Alex Lin, DNC Environmental Management

Posted in Stories, YLP

YLP Intern  My name is Alex Lin, I did the internship when I was going to be...

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Poem | I am a River

Posted in Poem, Stories

I Am A River By Jiajia Yu Summer is coming River moves strongly,...

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Poem | Breaking Through

Posted in ARC, Poem, Stories

Breaking Through By Huy Dao I am a Great Grey owl My strength It stands for...

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Video | Benjamin Polgar | Search and Rescue Intern

Posted in Video

Search and Rescue Intern Video by Benjamin...

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Poem | I’m An Eagle

Posted in Poem, Stories

I’m An Eagle By Ana Hernandez Flying away from my family Doesn’t break...

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Jesus Dolores, Education

Posted in Stories, YLP

YLP Intern My name is Jesus Dolores, I am originally from Mexico but my family...

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