• Changing Cloud
    by Yessenia Holguin

    I’m a cloud that moves gently and slowly
    Hurtful arguments I hate
    Peaceful words I love

    Problems with my family transform me
    From a fluffy white cloud
    Sweet, pretty […]

  • Something Right
    By Boa Huynh

    I couldn’t sleep
    My eyes were closed and I still was thinking
    The wind mixed with the storm in my mind
    Dangerous, it blew everything

    I felt uncomfortable and useless
    I made […]

  • I Am An Ant
    By Brenda Cardoza

    Ants are small and tough,
    Intelligent and hardworking just like me.
    No matter the challenge,
    I know I will persevere.

    I have struggled in the past,
    Taking care of my little […]

  • I Am A River
    By Jiajia Yu

    Summer is coming
    River moves strongly, majestically,
    Oh! Life in China
    Busy life, never stopping.

    Wake up in the morning
    Ride my bike to school, study until […]

  • Bighorn Sheep
    By Xiong Vue

    I’m am a very curious Bighorn sheep
    And like to experience new things,
    Bighorn sheep wanders the hot,
    Dry, wet, rocky, and steep hills,
    Surviving in the wilderness
    Can be very […]

  • Not a Second Thought
    By Charly Mijares

    I started out as a rabbit,
    Fearful and small.
    Running from predators
    Pain, Pain, Pain.

    They liked to torment,
    For they were huge.
    Either a bear, puma, or […]

  • Breaking Through
    By Huy Dao

    I am a Great Grey owl
    My strength
    It stands for intelligence
    It is hard to see me
    Because I’m quiet
    I dig deep into lessons
    To solve problems.

    Lives in […]

  • Making My Dreams Come True
    By Benjamin Meza

    I am an Aspen Tree
    Growing quickly and extending my roots.

    We always lived in a united world
    Where our roots were connected.
    All slept in a small room
    I […]

  • Gray Fox 
    by Oscar Avina

    Walking wherever I want
    Moving around
    Not letting people see me
    I’m a gray, bashful fox

    I wasn’t the best guy at making friends
    Just like a gray fox who encounters humans and […]

  • Becoming Marcela Porterella
    By Marcela Avina

    Gently blowing in the wind
    In a meadow vast and free
    With different grasses surrounding me
    Withstanding the elements
    Just like a wall
    Feeling strong enough to […]

  • I’m An Eagle
    By Ana Hernandez

    Flying away from my family
    Doesn’t break me
    It makes me stronger
    Leaving mom in the heat of Tijuana
    Two beautiful little sisters
    Saddens me but gives me strength
    I know […]

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