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Golden Trout


Golden Trout Wilderness

The Golden Trout Wilderness, named after the lightly colored and native fish, is located in both the Sequoia and Inyo National Forests and encompasses 475 square miles of pristine lakes, jagged peaks, and lush green meadows. This wilderness contains all of the Little Kern River’s drainage as well as the North and South Fork of the Kern River plus 117 miles of streams; the Golden Trout Wilderness is a true trout haven.


  • 303,287 acres
  • Inyo and Sequoia Nat’l Park
  • Highest point: 12, 432 at Mt. Florence

How to get here:

The GTW has Sequoia National Park on the north, the South Sierra Wilderness to the southeast, and Mountain Home State Forest to the west. Approximately 150 miles of trails are located on the Sequoia National Forest portion, for horses and hikers. These trails can be accessed from Quaking Aspen Campground, Lloyd Meadow, Mtn. Home State Forest, Sherman Pass Rd., Hwy. 395 via Nine Mile Rd., Blackrock Station, Hwy 395 via Horseshoe Mdw. Sage Flat, and Haiwee Pass.

What to do:

Fishing, camping, hiking and backpacking.


May – Nov


Visitors to the GTW must obtain a Wilderness Permit and a campfire permit if they plan on staying overnight. These permits are FREE!

Local Tip:

Check out the cottonwood pass trail, which drops into the very beautiful Kern River Canyon.