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Connecting Youth To The Outdoors

Brain Power


Into Outside is excited to present Brain Power, a short film by Let It Ripple by Tiffany Shlain, who makes a great case for why youth – and everyone – need to take time to shut down and connect with nature.

Into Outside connects youth like you to the outdoors through digital media and technology. Through sharing stories, videos and important survival information, get inspired and empowered to get off the grid.

Let’s face it! We are wired. Our brains our being affected, and our youth need wilderness and outdoor experiences.

Into Outside connects youth to the outdoors through partner programs, inspiration, and information.  Into Outside focus is on Central California YLP and ARC students and programs, featuring videos and stories by youth about their wilderness experiences.


We need to be outside. This is our right as human beings. And we are animals too! Believe it or not, we are a part of nature. And our brains took hundreds of thousands of years to evolve to understand this. Only in the past few decades, have people been using computers…and the pace of everything has been speeding up – faster, faster and faster!! Sometimes, for our own sanity, we need to unplug and slow down.

Being in nature helps us connect to who we really are. It is healing to listen to the wind, and to watch the sunset. It is empowering to climb a mountain, and it is simply mind blowing to see nature in it’s pristine beauty. Lots of kids who haven’t had a lot of experiences outside are amazed at how beautiful it is in nature – and how good they feel. Simply getting away from the noise of the city can quiet the mind and energize the soul.

Getting into the outside is critical. Using wilderness to empower and motivate you to go to college and transition into community leaders is critical for the survival of our parks as well because we need your help to keep everything pristine…fresh and clear of buildings, traffic and smog.

Connecting youth is identified as one of the most important issues of our times. So let it ripple – get into outside!


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