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Connecting Youth To The Outdoors

Made For The Media

The Made For the Media™ platform and tools help educate and engage visitors through both traditional and emerging media.

Made For the Media™ engages youth through the tools they know best, such as social media, mobile apps, and gaming. Designed to stimulate multiple senses with interactivity, Made For the Media™ provides a setting where dynamic whole brain learning can occur.



Summer 2011

  • On-line PlatformFour Leaf Clover
  • Interactive Media
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile Application
Made For the Media™ Interpretive Tools

Made For the Media™ Interpretive Tools

Into Outside begins with an online presence and will be used by youth this summer as part of the ARC and YLP program. Their input will shape the future mobile application.

Into Outside integrates the multicultural, multi-generational and dynamic qualities of the partner programs with the following goals:

“Hearing a young person telling their story can often be much more effective than any agency or professional” - Jen Gurecki, ARC Program

  • Meaningfully engage youth in Yosemite
  • Provide culturally relevant programming, and extend outreach
  • Create a platform for youth to have a voice through online and social media
  • Tell the story of the National Parks through interactivity and user-generated content
  • Social media sharing with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Earth and other platforms
  • RSS feeds to extend content, as well as social media NPS  pages
  • Support Half Dome education. Example: translate student map on hazard zones onto website, as well as a feature on the mobile application
  • Engage youth in conversations to brain-storm their most important features of  a mobile app
  • Enable people outside the park to explore the wonder and beauty of Yosemite with comprehensive understanding, inspiring them to visit and protect these areas
  • Provide a mobile tool to empower a person in the wilderness with more information
  • Design and develop mobile and online methods to populate blog and social media sites
  • Enable social media sharing from mobile app to the website and social media pages
  • Address cultural interpretations of safety risks from being outdoors
  • Improve availability of viable open space via online and other platforms
  • Insure mobile app works without 3G network connectivity as a downloadable app, with online content when in network
  • Multilingual: English, Spanish, Hmong

As an evolution of this initial seed, Into Outside’s Made For the Media platform provides future solutions for parks and destinations across the nation.